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Park Tools

Park Tool has every bicycle tool you need!

Having the right tools for the job is important, especially when it comes to your bike. Park's quality tools make every repair easier and more fun. Whether, for your home workshop or a trailside repair, Park's tools will keep your bikes running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Bicycle repair stands make every job easier!
Park's Home Mechanic Repair Stand makes bike maintenance easier at home and on the road, by elevating your bike so it's easier to see and so you don't have to bend over. Plus, with wheels off the ground, it's easy to shift and brake to check adjustments. Park's Home stand boasts the same great features as its shop models. It has a 360-degree-rotating, quick-adjusting clamp that fits most bicycles and is nearly indestructible. The stand telescopes to offer 54 to 72 inches of height adjustment and sports adjustable rubber feet for stability on all surfaces. And when you lift this stand, it instantly folds flat for easy storage and portability.
The Micro is macro when it comes to bicycle tools and features!

Park's Micro Tool Box is comprised of two nylon handles that slide together and hold: regular, Phillips and star-shape screwdrivers; 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen wrenches; 8, 9, 10mm box wrenches; 3 spoke wrenches; a serrated knife; 2 tire levers; a pedal wrench; a chainring nut wrench and a bottle opener. The Micro is small and light for carrying in a pocket or pack, too.
These spoke wrenches are the wheel deal!
Park's professional-quality, precision-sized spoke wrenches are hardened and chrome plated for long service. Wrenches are vinyl coated in one of four colors indicating the size at a glance. You will find these wrenches in virtually every professional bike shop and every shop mechanic's personal tool stash. Make sure you have the sizes you need in your home toolbox and bike bag.
Bicycle chain cleaning was never easier!

Park's Cyclone Chain Scrubber features an extra-large solvent reservoir, a series of rotating brushes, and a two-step cleaning process to get chains really clean without removal. Plus, a strong magnet draws particles scrubbed from the links to the bottom of the reservoir, preventing redistribution. And, the handle makes the tool easy to hold and fill.

Even stubbon pedals come right off with Park's Pedal Wrench!Made from tough steel and reinforced with extra material at the highly stressed wrench openings, Park’s shop-quality Pedal Wrench is built to easily install and remove pedals, and to last and last. It has 15mm and 9/16-inch precision openings to fit all pedals. And it boasts a long, round, vinyl-coated handle that won’t dig into your hand and provides optimum leverage. There's even a hole in the end of the wrench for hanging it on your toolboard.

The nicest bicycle Allen wrenches you'll ever own!
Park's PH-1 Hex Wrench Set includes P-handled 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen wrenches with offset handles made from durable nylon in a comfortable, ergonomic design. The wrenches are made of chrome vanadium for exceptional durability. The long shafts feature Bondhus heads for accessing hard-to-reach bolts. And the short ends are chamfered for extra grip and high-torque applications.

Chainwhips make cassette care easy!

The chain end of the Chainwhip/Freewheel and Lockring Remover is for removing cassettes and separating freewheel cogs. The other end holds Park lockring and freewheel removers (sold separately). The tool's long handle offers ample leverage and a good grip, and the chain is attached with hardened pins for durability.
Park's Pizza Cutter slices your pies with precision and class!

Pizza, Pizza!! Looking for a gift for the cyclist who has it all? How about a quality pizza cutter reminiscent of classic highwheelers? This great tool includes a display stand and gift box. Never use a run-of-the-mill pizza cutter again.