Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc

5.0 stars
 (17 Reviews)
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Every trail and road is an invitation to adventure when you're riding Specialized's Crosstrail Sport Disc. It eats up both dirt and pavement thanks to its great-handling Specialized A1 Premium aluminum frame, a bump-bustin' SR Suntour suspension fork and smooth-rolling 700c wheels. You'll also love the quick-shifting Shimano 27-speed drivetrain and the outstanding all-weather stopping power of the Tektro hydraulic-disc brakes. And to make your rides even better you get a supportive Specialized Body Geometry seat.

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(17 reviews)

88% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Durable  (11)
  • Lightweight  (11)
  • Great Components  (8)
  • Handles Well Off-road  (5)
  • Comfortable  (4)
  • Stylish  (3)


  • Components 
  • Flimsy 
  • None so far 

Best Uses

  • Commuting  (8)
  • Pavement  (8)
  • Off-Road  (4)
  • Commuting/City  (2)
  • Offroad trail sidewalk 
  • Road 

Nov 01, 2016

The frame is worth the purchase

Frame, Comfortable, Wheels
Best Uses:
Definitely by the bike with the low level components and upgrade. The spring suspension is heavy and slow, but the frame is great once you start upgrading the heavy parts. You can even put this frame on a 29er rigid and have a great bike. Very versatile.
by HLott from San Jose, CA

Apr 22, 2016

Great Dual-Sport Experience

Stylish, Durable, Comfortable
Best Uses:
My wife surprised me with the Crosstrail Sport Disc for a birthday. Being a life long owner of a MTN bike I was reluctant to switch to a hybrid but I was immediately impressed. The light weight frame, smooth shifting components and modern hydro brakes made me a satisfied customer. This bike has no problem transitioning from street to dirt. Combined with a quality bike computer, the bike is a fitness tool and adventure vehicle all in 1. I would recommend to all commuters and intermediate MTN cyclists.
by Life-long MTN bike owner from PLYMOUTH, MA

Nov 14, 2015

Not enough good words in the English language for this bike

Comfortable, Lightweight, Stylish, Packs Well, Durable
Best Uses:
Road, Offroad Trail Sidewalk
I have two bad knees from 12 yrs in the Military. I got this bike to mix it up and be able to go longer/faster/harder without the constant blast to my knees. I love this bike. Started off with the Crosstrail disc (mech brakes), but exchanged it for the hydro brakes b/c the stopping power is much better. Lightweight, stows easily in my SUV by taking off front wheel (quick, easy). Use this bike on the road, jump up to the sidewalks, hit the grass, hit the trails. You name it, get it. It's not the super-lightweight of the high end road bikes, but if you want the everyday workhorse that responds to the rider and gets the job done, then get the Crosstrail Sport Disc. I can't find enough good things to say about it. Has held up extremely well for the 100 miles I've put on it in the first month; planning to add many more. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
by Get Some from Woodbridge, VA

Apr 20, 2015

Handles well but not durable.

Comfortable, Stylish, Lightweight
Best Uses:
I am an avid biker and usually put 40 miles on my bike every week. When my old bike finally gave out, I bought this bike and was immediately impressed. It is very lightweight, handles well and is very comfortable to ride. I even entered into a few local races for fun. However, after a year this bike has begun to fall apart. Please note that only the frame has any kind of warranty. I have broken the pedals, the rear wheel, and the crank set - all in the first year. All this well staying on paved roads! While the quality of the frame may be top notch, the rest of the parts are bottom shelf junk. Be prepared to add these extra costs to the price tag when considering buying.
by Mike from College Station Texas

Aug 31, 2013

Fantastic Bike

Disk Brakes Are Great, Versatile, Durable, Smooth shifting, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Bike trails, Commuting/City
Very satisfied with this bike not one problem
by Mark from Dysart, Iowa

Jul 30, 2013

Love this Bike!

Durable, Great Components, Shifting Is So Easy, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Pavement, Off Road Light To Mod
I've owned this bike for about a year now and have about 500 miles on it...mostly road. The more I ride it, the more I like it. Shifts better than any bike I've ever ridden, easy to maintain and it looks great too. The disc brakes are really nice. Worth the money.
by Rick from Indiana

Nov 06, 2012

i <3 my 2011 crosstrail sports disc

Great Components, Lightweight, Handles Well Off-road, Durable
Best Uses:
Off-Road, Commuting, Pavement
i purchased the 2011 crosstrail sports disc about a yr ago and i love it. The disc brakes took time to break in but the bike rides beautifully on pavement as well as off road. I ride to the beach almost everyday and on the weekends go do some serious downhill off road/single track riding. It handles great and is quick. The gears shift like butter and im very happy with my purchase :D
by xRiderx from belmont heights, ca

Sep 14, 2012

Love it

Lightweight, Great Components
Best Uses:
Pavement, Commuting
Love it for mostly road, sometimes dirt road/trail
by Andovah from Andover, MA

Aug 13, 2012

It's best bicycle to ride in orlando

Best Uses:
this one can be better than rock hopper. because this bicycle use aluminum frame too and have front suspension also u can lock it. and it's more cheaper.
by asdasd from orlando fl

Jun 05, 2012

An excellent versatile bike

Durable, Handles Well Off-road, Lightweight, Versatile
Best Uses:
Commuting, Off-Road, Pavement
Bought this bike back in 2010, still using it without any major problems! It rides smoothly on bike paths, off-road handling is great as well. This is about the only bike I rely on for my daily commute to and from work. Just keep your chains clean and lubricated and this bike will ride like charm!
by JohnMC from Calgary, AB, Canada

May 23, 2012

Exactly what I was looking for!

Lightweight, Handles Well Off-road, Great Components, Durable
Best Uses:
Cycle Cross Racing, Pavement, Commuting
I seemed to have my heart set on a Fuji Absolute 2.0 from Performace Bike.But after 2 failed attempts at trying to ride and purchase one (due to terrible sales staff at both locations) I decided to give [...] a shot.I am so glad I did, the bike is within my budget line and has more for the money than most on the market.I changed the pedals and hand grips and might change the tires but overall I am impressed.The bike rides so amazingly smooth and very responsive in all areas. BRAVO!
by baconpancake from San Diego, CA

Mar 25, 2012

Awesome bike!

Durable, Very Comfortable, Quality, Great Components, Hydraulic disc brakes, Handles Well Off-road
None so far
Best Uses:
All Purpose, Pavement, Off-Road, Commuting, Recreation
I went to the bike shop with my heart set on a Trek Gary Fisher 8.3 dual sport bike that I test rode a few weeks earlier. The bike shop had a sale and the first person to ask me if I needed help was a Specialist rep that happened to be at the store. I test rode the Trek and then he asked if I would like to try a comparable Specialist model of his. I figured what would it hurt. Well I test drove The Crosstrail Sport Disc and was amazed at how much better the bike rode and how amazing the hydraulic disk brakes performed. I was instantly in love even though the Specialist was a hundred bucks more. I thought about it for a few minutes and just had to get the Specialist! I have only had the bike for 2 days but have already put 30 miles on it and am so glad I was able to test ride and compare a few different bikes. I highly reccomend this bike. It handles great on pavement, gravel and dirt. Try to test ride this bike and you will be amazed at how versatile it is!
by Liam from Northfield Center, OHIO

Nov 08, 2011

Great bike!

Versatile, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Road Biking
Ride daily about 5-10 miles during the week and about 25 miles on Saturday and Sunday. Wife has an 2012 Ariel Sport Disk that is equally as nice. Two great bikes!
by JFG from Mentor, OH

Jun 24, 2011

What a great ride!

Great Components, Smooth and efficient, Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses:
I have been cycling for 40+ years. I am a cycling commuter and former Police Bicycle Patrol Officer. I am also a member of a cycling relay team having cycled all over North America. This is one of the best if not the best (mountain/hybrid) bicycle(s) I have ever ridden. This Crosstrail Sport provides a very smooth and efficient ride. I lock out the front suspension for a strong ride on the roads. The hydraulic-disc brakes are extremely smooth and effortless. I nice light and super fast machine. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a strong commuter bike with off road capabilities. I will always be true to Kona but Specialized has now made a believer out of me!
by C.A.R. from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

May 15, 2011

Great bike! Would/will recommend!

Durable, Great Components, Great look, Lightweight, Very smooth
Best Uses:
Commuting, Pavement, Casual riding
I could not haven choose a better bike. I use this to commute to work. I have never heard so many people tell me that is a great bike! Several people are now looking into a Specialized bike after seeing my Crosstrail.
by Jimbo from Gilbert, AZ

Nov 29, 2010

Buy this bike.

Solid smooth fast
Best Uses:
I am back to cycling after a couple decades raising a family. The last bike was an 80's Fuji road bike I used to commute twenty-some years ago. I wanted to get more exercise and enjoy the scenery. This bike is perfect. I am a large guy: 6'1", 230 lbs, and this style bike met my needs. It's smooth, fast, and hauls keester (thanks, language filter). This has been a fun return to cycling, and my local bike shop was top notch. This is a nicely spec'd rig with quality components. It was worth everything I paid for it.
by MadMac from North Carolina

Aug 15, 2010

WoW...What a Bike!

Great Components, Handles Well Off-road, Durable
Best Uses:
Pavement, Commuting, Off-Road
This Specialized's Crosstrail Sport Disc is excellent! Great on both dirt and pavement. Its A1 Premium aluminum frame is outstanding and SR SunTour suspension fork and smooth-rolling 700c wheels make either dirt or pavement ... not a problem. The quick shifts from the Shimano 24-speed drivetrain provide seamless shifting. And the Tektro hydraulic-disc brakes give outstanding stopping power in any weather for the price! Specialized Body Geometry saddle provides a great ride! My previous bike was a Specialized Hard Rock Sport which was a great bike, but this one is WoW!
by BT from Rochester Hills, Michigan


Specialized A1 Premium aluminum
SR Suntour NEX w/custom coil spring, 60mm-travel w/lockout
Aluminum, double-wall
Specialized Hi-Lo disc, aluminum
14-gauge, stainless-steel
Specialized Trigger Sport, 700 x 38c
Front Derailleur
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Alivio Shadow
Rear Cogs
Shimano, 9-speed: 11-34
Shimano Acera
Specialized aluminum, riser
Specialized Body Geometry XCT, lock-on
Specialized 3D, aluminum
Brake Levers
Tektro Auriga
Tektro Auriga hydraulic-disc, 6-inch rotors
Composite platform
Specialized Body Geometry Targa Sport