Specialized BMX Bicycles Rule Any Terrain - Or Above It!

Too huge or ultra fast, Specialized has the right BMX bike for you! Too huge or ultra fast, Specialized has the right BMX bike for you!

Specialized's cutting-edge technology runs neck & neck with the edgiest riding styles on the planet. Whether you crave BMX track speed, huge air or the ultimate urban-assault vehicle, we have Specialized bicycles to fit your budget and preferred mode of pedaling. Here are just a few of the trick machines we like. Come in today to check out the entire line.

Specialized's top-end Hemis are scary-fast racers ready for moto after moto. These speed-demons only earn their way onto our floor after early models have been torture tested by Specialized's X-game athletes. Want speed?
Try the Hemi Comp.

The Specialized Hemi Comp is ready to race! The Hemi Comp is a thoroughbred racer perfect for devouring the competition. Its Hemi A1 Aluminum frame is light and stiff to snag the hole-shot and hold it to the finish. The 175mm TruVativ Race XR cranks power the speedy Sun Rhyno Lite XL wheels. And tight spec from Specialized and Tektro ensures reliability and awesome control.

When it's time to fly high, light up dirt jumps or the skate park with Specialized's Fuse. These thoroughly tough bikes boast a rugged chassis that lands with confidence, flies predictably and doesn't mind taking a beating if you have to bail. Just what you'd expect from the Big Red "S."

Light up explosive street or dirt-jump action with Specialized's Fuse IV. This tough rig features a 100%-chromoly frame with a welded rotor plate, dual-lower-brake-cable routing and beefy dropouts. It comes with a left- and right-side-drive-compatible TruVativ ISIS aluminum crank and bottom bracket with a Flip-Side rear hub so you can grind on your favorite side. Plus, its Dia-Compe 996 U-brake stops like a champ and the tough Sun rims handle the big hits with ease. The Specialized Fuse IV is built to take it!

For riders with BMX in their blood, Specialized builds a wide range of sizes so the thrills, speed and accomplishment of BMX can be enjoyed from age 5 to 55. Our complete BMX line comes in different frame, crank, bar and seat sizes for a custom fit you'll love.

The Specialized Hemi Jr. Cruiser is ready to school the big boys!

The Hemi Junior Cruiser's 24-inch, cruiser-class wheels and grippy AA Main Sport tires let youngsters play with the big boys. The Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum frame and 100%-chromoly fork provide the same reliability and great handling that older riders enjoy. Plus, this tough cruiser comes with race-ready components from TruVativ, Specialized, Sun, and Tektro.

Fusion of dirt-jumping and street style creates the perfect bike for all your adrenaline adventures. Specialized builds these ultra-high-tech rigs with a serious dose of attitude and they are proven by Specialized's dream team of racers, daredevils and X-Game champs.

Small riders who want to go big love the Fuse Ix! This tough rig features a solid frame with a chromoly seat tube, an internally relieved head tube and beefy dropouts, so it can tackle the biggest tricks. And it comes with burly cranks and a robust bottom bracket for super durability. Plus, the Fuse's Tektro brakes stop quick and the tough Sun rims handle big hits with ease.
The Fuse Ix is for frequent flyers!

Specialized's P bikes mix BMX style with the latest mountain-bike tech. Rugged front suspension lets you fly higher and confidently land the biggest hits. Powerful disc brakes give you pinpoint control for the tightest lines and 8- and 9-speed gearing provides ideal pedal power for nimble dexterity and ripping speed.

The Specialized P.3 lets you break all the rules! Specialized's P.3 is a rugged rig that takes urban assault to new levels. It features an A1 Premium Aluminum freeride/dirt jumping frame and rock-solid Sun Double Track rims for the ultimate big-air package. The P.3 also sports a sweet drivetrain with crisp Shimano shifting and stout TruVativ Holzfeller cranks. Plus, with burly Hayes hydraulic discs and Specialized Roller tires, you'll have total control on every ride.